Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's Crank for Dzanc

To benefit Dzanc Books, the celebrated new independent publisher that brought us Laura van den Berg's debut volume of short stories, I'm offering an electronic version of the workshop described in the poster above. Simply sign up following the process described there, then drop me a note at


to let me know you're in. Sign up right away, and over the next two weeks (two weeks from sign-up) I'll get you going writing a new story, then in early April, after the story exists in draft, will provide you ideas on how to improve and finish it. Your registration fee goes as a contribution to this publisher of exciting emerging writers, and four weeks later there's a story where there wasn't one before. I'll write one, too. It's Spring -- let's crank out a new story for Dzanc Books.

Any questions about the idea, please drop me a note at the email address above.


  1. How'd you get this gig? It's a good 'un. Dan Wickett lerves you. I'd of course die to be there, but rest assured my spirit will be in the room. ~ peace